Mar 14, 2016

Understanding market needs is the key to developing IoT solutions

I think that client interaction and understanding their needs (which leads to understanding market needs) is one of the key points raised. A larger requirement of IoT is in the smart city space, mostly for us living in the urban world. In order to develop a smart city, different government entities, private entities, public private partnerships are involved to identify requirements, define needs of the city and then design the solution around it. Hence developing/designing something without understanding market/client needs can lead to a disaster.

After which comes the falling in love bit. Sometimes we get so carried away with our innovations and developed products and solutions that we strive to make them a 100 percent perfect solution. Well realistically that can never be achieved. It is pertinent to strike a balance between engineering and business, release the right bits of the solutions to the market for the market to start consuming them rather than waiting for a perfect product which might never ever come out. Its important that bits be released to the market for consumption because you will be surprised to find out that the market can provide numerous feedback which had not been realized.

By Pradipta Mukherjee
General Manager - Engineering Services
Pacific Control Systems LLC.