Mar 28, 2016

The moment you uploaded pictures on Facebook, you started Cloud Computing

We often hear statements like, we are moving to the Cloud, In the Cloud, Planning for Cloud, Cloud..Cloud…Cloud.  So what is this cloud?

Does it mean a person has to work from a mountain with a computer along with a moving cloud? And what happens if it rains? Is your data going to be stored somewhere so far, maybe on a different planet? This might seem funny to you but questions like these are frequently asked concerning the cloud.

Cloud sounds like magic, but it’s really not. It’s quite simple and easy. It’s the fastest changing technology shaping the economy. To make it simple, cloud is a technology where you can store and access your data from anywhere using the internet. Making life simpler and more accessible.

For example - unknowingly, people all over the globe are already using cloud computing by uploading pictures on Facebook, OneDrive, Picasa or Flickr etc., which can be accessed at any given time and are secured by the trusted service provider. As soon as a photo is uploaded, it lives in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere around the world using the internet. From a laptop, desktop, phone or any other device.

The global cloud computing market is expected to grow at 30% CAGR reaching $270 billion by 2020 according to the Latest research reports which covers cloud computing products, technologies and services. It’s cost effective and can also reduce the stress on administrating hardware and software services.

Companies aim to be efficient and profitable. Business applications which are usually very expensive are forced to enter into a universe of complexity. With so much complexity and data flooding in, they require a Data Center with maximum security, storage, cooling & power. It should also include staging, testing, production, as well as fail over and disaster recovery features. Instead of purchasing applications they can be hosted in a shared environment and can be accessible just like any other utility service.

With Cloud, you have a gold mine waiting to be explored for new business streamlines and modules. You just need to know how and when. Pacific Controls Cloud Services, Middle East’s largest Data Center provides its Cloud Services from a structured & reliable infrastructure which is a TIER III certified Green Data Center. A reliable Cloud Service provider for your business. 

No matter what data it is, personal or business, it’s yours and it’s important. The service provider has to be reliable and efficient to take care of it.

Pacific Controls Cloud Services offers security, reliability, efficiency and data integrity coupled with immediate scalability.

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Mar 17, 2016

Celebrating Earth Hour every day to help climate change

Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun, the densest planet in the Solar System, the largest of the Solar System's four terrestrial planets, and the only astronomical object known to harbor life. These facts are known but not respected. Humanity is on a speed train heading towards the stop of planet destruction.

On this day (Earth Hour) countries around the world are fighting to save our planet from the fate written by humanity for it. Organisations around the world are joining forces to shut down practices which lead to the destruction of our planet.

Mar 14, 2016

Understanding market needs is the key to developing IoT solutions

I think that client interaction and understanding their needs (which leads to understanding market needs) is one of the key points raised. A larger requirement of IoT is in the smart city space, mostly for us living in the urban world. In order to develop a smart city, different government entities, private entities, public private partnerships are involved to identify requirements, define needs of the city and then design the solution around it. Hence developing/designing something without understanding market/client needs can lead to a disaster.

Technology Adoption Lifecycle for IoT Market

The adoption of any new technology by the market typically goes through different phases, as depicted in the diagram. The Innovators are a class of customers who are always keen to be the first ones to experience new technology. These are the people who sleep overnight, outside the Apple Store, to be the first ones to get their hands on the new iPhone. You can identify them amongst your friends as the “gadget freaks”. They always buy the new car, new phone, new watch,etc.