Feb 18, 2016

Reducing IoT operational cost using reliable, secured and intelligent devices

When we talk to customers about their IoT plans, first thing they asked about is “Device or gateway management”. In our discussion with IoT platform providers and partners, they explained about Connectivity Manager, over the air firmware upgrade and configuration, device maintenance and diagnostic modules and rich set APIs exposed from the platform.

Fortunate to have IoT platforms and device clouds. The device management tools help us to identify failures quickly and put it in the proper context to call operations team for necessary actions. However, these tools may not help in operational cost reduction.

The device maintenance and management cost primarily depends on:

1. Edge device stability and performance
2. Edge analytics and intelligent data acquisition
3. Efficient, reliable and secured cloud connector for self-registration and auto configuration of data sources

In order to truly benefit from device management platforms, we need intelligent and reliable devices and gateways. Pacific Controls IoT gateways are intelligent and reliable. Our gateways designed by knowing the complexity of enterprise application and architectures. Our enterprise platform and the device cloud architected by knowing the complexity of embedded applications and M2M communication.

The “G2021ES” is a purpose built, cost effective, multi-technology gateway with rich set of wired and wireless communication channels and protocols including on board IO. The product design, form factors suitable for industrial extended vibrations and temperature ranges. Intended to use in factory and building automation sectors, OEM asset management in automotive, industrial and mining sectors.