Feb 18, 2016

Cloud computing is as important to the 21st century as the telephone was to the 20th

Meet Alistair Graham, Sr. Solution Architect at Pacific Controls Cloud Services

“For most organisations, digital transformation is no longer a question of if , it ‘s when. Cloud computing is as important to the 21st century as the telephone was to the 20th. It revolutionizes the way we do business, in an era when practically everyone is exposed to data security risk at some point, anytime, anywhere from any internet enabled device. Pacific Controls Cloud Services (PCCS) has grown and matured , its portfolio is easy to implement and use. The revenue gains, efficiency increases and satisfaction spikes that cloud and IoT makes possible are too compelling for companies to ignore.

My role here at PCCS, using core tested principles, methodologies and team expertise helps organisations decide what to do and how to do it securely, across cloud, network, physical and virtual systems utilizing multiple security industry solutions.

PCCS provides me with innovative experience of provisioning security services that hold the prospect of improving the overall security of many organisations when they subscribe. At the same time PCCS offers advanced facilities for supporting security, privacy and data leakage due to its extensive economies of scale and automation capabilities across its datacenter infrastructure.

The journey to cloud need not be arduous, PCCS helps companies rethink, reorganize and ultimately realize the full value that can be obtained from cloud, helping them into position for sustainable, profitable growth.”

Know more about Pacific Controls Cloud Services at - http://bit.ly/1GzMkNS